why does my casio watch keep resetting

As a Casio user, some of you may have encountered an abnormal condition when you set the watch to blink to signal the beginning of the hour, then suddenly it vibrated twice.

Consequently, you felt that something was wrong and wondered why it was vibrating and looked at it.

Strangely the time was reset to 12:00 AM on January 1st, 2009. 


Has this ever happened and left you asking “Why does my Casio watch keep resetting?”

Actually, thanks to the user manual, this problem is not as dangerous and troublesome as you thought in the first place.

So read on to understand the causes and solutions.

Why Does My Casio Watch Keep Resetting?

Your Casio watch keeps resetting because you have it set to vibrate every hour (and have set the alarm).

Because of that, you drain the battery prematurely.

When the battery drops to zero, the system is reset to 1-1-2005.

Therefore, you need to replace it for the watch to continue running at its perfect time.

Moreover, if you use your watch for a long time, the battery will gradually degrade and run out of power faster.

Self-resetting can happen more frequently and suddenly. So always make sure it has enough battery to work.


  • If it uses a solar battery, be sure to expose it to light regularly.
  • If it uses a regular battery, you may consider installing a new one.
  • If it still doesn't work, you should take your watch to a professional shop to have it checked.

How To Fix Casio Self-Resetting Error

If your Casio model keeps resetting itself to 12:00 and the hands don't continue to sync to digital, here are some other potential diagnoses for those with similar issues.

This problem may be caused by your watch's hands being incorrectly zeroed.

To find out, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Put the watch in chronograph mode by turning the crown in its normal position to "chr”.

Step 2: Pull out the crown twice. 

  • It'll make all hands point to zero or close to it. You should also pay attention to the letters "HR" on the left digital display. So you can move the hour hand by turning the crown. 
  • Suppose the hour hand isn't pointing at 12 o'clock. Then turn it, so it turns.

Step 3: Press the top button once. 

  • The letters "MIN" will appear on the left digital display. Then, you can move the minute hand on the large dial and the minute and hour hands on the small UTC dial. 
  • Turn the crown for the minute hand to point straight at the 12 o'clock position.

Step 4: Press the top button again. The letters "SEC" will appear on the left digital display. Turn the crown to show the second hand directly at 12 o'clock.

Step 5: Push the crown back to its normal position. Set the digital date and time in your time zone, and your watch hands should match the digital reading. 


Casio watches that automatically reset can drive a lot of people crazy.

Usually, after you recharge the battery or replace it, the problem is resolved. 

Plus, if you don't feel like tinkering with it yourself, you can always get a professional watchmaker to fix it.

They'll make it work again and tell you the cause.

This guide is a tried and tested solution for many Casio users.

I hope this article helps you too. Share if you find it useful.

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