why are g shock watches so expensive

Watches are now considered essential jewelry for both men and women, contributing to their elegance and luxury.

In particular, Casio's G Shock line is common in all classes.

These popular models are always included in mid-range timepieces appropriate for street style and the digital age.

However, newer ones are becoming costly now. 

This article provides 3 main reasons to help you know why G Shocks are expensive watches.

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Overview Of Casio G-Shock

G-Shock is one of the strategic watches produced by the well-known Japanese brand Casio.

Engineer Kikuo Ibe created the first G Shock and began to release it in April 1984.

Since then, they have grown in popularity and received much positive feedback from customers.

Overall, G Shock watches are typically made of hard plastic or rubber, which makes them lighter than metal models.

Moreover, it is designed with a variety of youthful and personality colors, a large watch face, and various models that are appropriate for both men and women.

This watch is defined as shock resistance, impact resistance, and long-term durability.

If you have bought one G-Shock model, chances are you’ll never have to replace it in many years to come.

3 Reasons Why G-Shock Watches Are So Expensive

A wide range of timepieces in the market is associated with cutting-edge technology.

But what makes G Shock so different and more expensive than others?

It is due to 3 significant factors, including durability, function, and design too.


As you may know, These G-Shock watches are highly durable.

The goal of the company is to "create a watch that never breaks.”

Therefore, the firm always manufactures them with as high durability as possible. 

Following the Guinness Book of Records, the cheapest DW-5600 survived after a car ran over and functioned normally.

As a result, they are always referred to as "the Toughest watches of all time."

These products are resistant to electric shock, gravity, vibration, and extreme cold.

With a GShock, you can scuba dive to depths of up to 200 meters (660 feet).

Furthermore, "Triple Ten" is the company's motto for these timepieces, meaning that they are shock-resistant to 10 meters, water-resistant to 10 bars, and have 10-year battery life.

When it comes to the material, they were usually made of plastic before, which led to a low price.

However, the company has now chosen titanium as the material for this watch.

Titanium is a remarkable advancement in full metal technology that maintains the lightness of plastic.

It also has a DLC coating on the outside to keep scratches at bay.

Furthermore, all the watches are built with a costly scratch-resistant and reflective sapphire glass.


G-Shock models are always designed with cutting-edge technology to please customers.

In addition to essential functions, some versions are compatible with smartphone features and applications.

Specifically, you can use them to adjust the music player on your phone, receive email notifications, identify the phone location, and set up social media alerts.

Another noteworthy feature of this product is solar energy via solar panels on the watch's face.

This feature makes it more environmentally friendly and clean.

The battery is also automatically charged and does not need to be turned on.

Besides, the other plus point of a G-Shock is that it uses an STN-LCD display.

It means you can see the dark text on a light background.

This feature makes it easier to read (and this is important with an expensive G-shock watch).


The eye-catching luxury design with precious stones mounted on these watches is also a significant factor in their so high prices.

The manufacturer Casio even uses gold for some G Shock models.

For example, the very expensive G Shock watches to date is the G-D5000-9JR, made of 18 karat gold and costs approximately $68,600 (£52,000).

Final Thoughts

Overall, the article provides 3 major reasons why G-Shock watches are so expensive today.

All of this is due to its rigidity and excellent functions.

Moreover, the appearance of the titanium, gold, and sapphire face partly increases its price.

G watches are an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting, good-looking watch.

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