why casio edifice watches are expensive

As one of the high-end watch products, the Casio Edifice series has made a strong impression with its robust design, individuality, and incredibly high water resistance.

Although its debut is later than Casio's classic G-Shock, this product has excelled in becoming a highly sought-after watch these days.

However, when it comes to price, many people wonder "Why are Casio Edifice watches expensive?"

This article will provide profound insights into 3 reasons that contribute to the Edifice value.

So stay with us until the end so as not to miss any beneficial pieces of information.

Overview Of Edifice watch

Edifice watches are a line of smart timepieces designed as an accessory masterpiece for men from Casio.

Particularly, its name "Edifice" means lasting.

This model is remarkably durable, and its designs are always carefully polished and meticulous to every detail.

As a perfect combination of luxurious designs and many prominent features, these timepieces also represent the company's significant step when updating advanced technologies and multi-features to maximize customer support, that is Edifice expensive watches in the market.

3 Main Reasons Why Casio Edifice Watches Are Expensive

Meticulous Watch Design 

What people often consider when choosing a watch is the style and design.

Edifice models exceed customer expectations as designs are entirely drawn with specialized software and 3D printed.

As a result, every line on the watch is meticulous and precise, giving a feeling of being cared for.

Besides, every tiny detail is entirely polished by hand, bringing sharpness in design and high aesthetics that make expensive edifice watches

Durable Materials And Structures Make Casio Watches With High Precision

Along with the aesthetics, people will also consider durability and accuracy when choosing a watch.

Casio Edifice will not disappoint as its material combines resin and metal to create a balance.

Moreover, due to the precise and meticulous design, each internal part is carefully considered in shape and material, creating harmony in the movement.

In particular, equipped with a highly stable in-house Quartz movement, this timepiece operates highly accurately.

Outstanding Watches Features:

- Casio Bluetooth

The most outstanding feature of the Edifice series is that it can connect to the phone via Bluetooth and the Casio Watch+ app (Edifice Connected+).

This watch is automatically updated to the most accurate time according to coordinated universal time by connecting easily.

In addition, you can adjust the time zone when traveling extremely conveniently without fear of time error.

Moreover, setting alarms will become more straightforward than ever with the Alarm Setting mode, allowing users to manage their time efficiently.

Last but not least, based on the Bluetooth signal emitted, the watch can help users locate their phones quickly. 

- Tough solar watch 

This timepiece can easily absorb energy from light sources, whether weak or strong, solar or artificial, extending the use up to 24 months even when not charged.

- Other technology

Apart from the above features, the Casio Edifice watch has many other significant functions.

These include the Multi-Band 6 that updates the time automatically at Casio's base stations or the super bright LED lights that help users easily observe in low light conditions,...

Bonus Tip: How Do I Know If My Casio Edifice Is Original?

Here are some easy ways to check if your watch is original or not

  • The product logo must be transparent, spelled correctly, and sharp. 
  • The hour hand and minute hand indicate the correct time. 
  • The hands of the clock must be balanced, designed to be an isosceles triangle. 
  • The distance between the lines and the colors is equal and sharp.

What is special about Casio Edifice?

Edifice watches are made by the Japanese company Casio.

They are designed for people with their own businesses.

It has many functions like world time and alarms.

Is Casio Edifice any good?

Casio Edifice watches are a great choice.

They're stylish, have chronographs, and are accurate.

You can choose from hundreds of different designs.

They're perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Which Casio Edifice is best?

In the list of 10 best Casio Edifice watches, as rated by customers in January 2022.

The best-selected watch with the highest score on the list is the Casio Edifice Quartz Men's Watch, (Silver and blue). (Source)

How can I tell if my Casio Edifice is real?

Check for ratings for the seller, and also make sure that you look at all of the recent models.

They will have a blue hologram sticker on the back.

If it has this, then it is real.

Where are Casio Edifice watches made?

Most of the watches that people can afford and use for work are made in China.

The most expensive and high-quality ones are made in Japan.

Are Casio Edifice watches waterproof?

When it comes to Casio watches, 50M Water Resistance: You can wear them in sinks, when swimming, or during sports.

100M Water Resistance: You can wear them when you swim, snorkel, or dive into shallow waters. (Source)

Final Thoughts:

Overall, when it comes to Casio watches, people will immediately think of bunker, sturdy, robust designs that seem to withstand any impact. 

Yet, unlike the other classic Casio watches, the Edifice series are extremely special when synthesizing Chronograph battery or light energy, designed as traditional timepieces.

All in all, what really makes this product line famous is its meticulous design, durable materials and structure with high precision, and a lot of outstanding features.

That is why Casio's Edifice watches are expensive

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