where casio watches are made

The first Casio watches were released in the 1970s in Japan, marking a big turning point for this company.

To this day, these timepieces have always captured the hearts of fashion and technology.

Currently, these timepieces are not only produced in Japan but also in other countries.

So if you wonder where Casio watches are made and further information about them, look no further than this article!

Where Exactly Are Casio Watches Made And Produced?

Casio watches these days are made in Asian countries, including Japan, Thailand, and China.

In fact, in the past, many factories in other countries produced but gradually died out over time, and now only in the above countries are currently operating.

While China is the market for the most basic and affordable Casio models, mid-range and low-priced models are often made in Thailand.

The remaining high-end and most expensive models are produced nowhere else than in Japan. 

In particular, many cooperation models such as DW-5600 and DW-6900 are also produced in this cherry blossom country.

To know the origin, users can look at the back case of the watch.

However, there are also models with the words "Japan Movement (or Mov't) Cased in Thailand (or China)" attached, which means that the watch's movement is manufactured in Japan and assembly is done in another country (Thailand or China).

While the origin of this watch doesn't affect its quality, the majority of buyers love the “made in Japan” versions.

Specifically, most people think that products from Japan are of higher quality and status, even though many high-end electronic components of the watches are made in Thailand and China.

While no one has been able to tell the difference in the quality of made Casio watches in Thailand or China, the models made in Japan tend to be more popular.

The main reason may be that Japan is Casio's home and where the brand is celebrated for its history and heritage.

A Brief History of Casio Watches

1974 Timeline Marks the Big Turning Point 

Although established in 1946 in Japan after World War II, this company is not associated with the production of watches. It wasn't until 1974 that the brand made a big splash after releasing the first Casio timepieces.

The first product that the company launched was the Casiotron which quickly sold out shortly after it started selling.

1984 G-Shock Digital Released

To continue its success in quartz watches, Casio once again rocked the watch world with its previously used digital model - the G-Shock.

G-Shock is one of the forerunners of digital timepieces that are still alive and popular today.

Changing the image from fragile to sturdy and more refined in terms of technology, G-Shock digital model has captured the hearts of fashion and technology lovers.

The 1990s – Baby-G

Following the success of G-Shock digital is Baby-G, a lighter, more quality version that retains the durability and certainty of its predecessor.

This release created a fit of fever in the watch lovers' community and became a worldwide fashion icon.

The 21st Century

Although Casio's heyday is over, they are still one of the big names in the industry despite the reputation of other products being gradually confirmed.

These timepieces are still being developed and refined on a daily basis.

They are also constantly launching new, more beautiful, and more advanced models to assert their strong position in the fierce competition in the market. 

Are all Casio watches made in Japan?

Most of the primary and affordable watches are made in China.

However, there are also some affordable mid-range models made in Thailand.

And Japan is the place to make the most expensive and high-end models.

How many watches does Casio make a year?

According to Casio's research, the number of watches produced in a year is up to 1 billion units.

However, the increasing number of sports and smart wearables causes that number to drop sharply, to about 130 million units per year.

Can I wear G-Shock in the shower?

G-Shock is a 200-meter water-resistant G-Shock in the shower.

However, the heat of the water and soapy water will more or less affect the water-resistance of the G-Shock.

Are any Casio watches still made in Japan?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated.

While Casio does still have some manufacturing facilities in Japan, the majority of its watches are now produced overseas in countries like China and Thailand.

This is due to the lower labor costs in these countries, which allows Casio to keep prices down on their products.

However, there are still a handful of models that are assembled in Japan and these tend to be the higher-end, more expensive watches.

So if you're looking for a Casio watch that is made in Japan, you'll need to do a bit of research to find the right model.

Where are all Casio watches made?

The vast majority of Casio watches are now made in China and Thailand, due to the lower labor costs in these countries.

However, there are still a handful of models that are assembled in Japan.

These Japanese-made models tend to be the higher-end, more expensive watches.

So if you're looking for a Casio watch that is made in Japan, you'll need to do a bit of research to find the right model.

Is Casio made in Japan original?

Yes, there are still some Casio watches that are made in Japan.

These tend to be the higher-end, more expensive models.

Are the Casio watches made in India?

Casio does not have any manufacturing facilities in India.

All of their watches are made in other countries, like China, Thailand, and Japan.

How will I know if my Casio watch is original?

There are a few ways to tell if your Casio watch is original.

First, you can check the country of origin on the watch itself or on the packaging.

If it says "Made in Japan," then you can be sure that it's an original Casio watch.

You can also check online to see where different models of Casio watches are made.

Finally, you can contact Casio customer service and ask them directly.

Are there fake Casio watches?

Yes, there are fake Casio watches.

These are usually lower-quality imitations of the real thing.

To avoid buying a fake, you should only purchase Casio watches from authorized retailers.

You can also check the country of origin on the watch or on the packaging to make sure it's an authentic Casio watch.

Finally, you can contact Casio customer service and ask them directly.

Final Thoughts

No longer the watch empire they once were, the value of Casio timepieces remains unsurpassed in fashion and technology to this day.

Although the first watches were launched in Japan, Thailand and China are also two markets that nowadays produce equal quality timepieces. 

Hopefully, our article explaining where Casio watches are made has been proven helpful.

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