what watch does ron swanson wear

If you are a die-hard fan of the popular TV sitcom “Park and Recreation,” the iconic character Ron Swanson is probably no stranger to you.

The character represents an authoritative figure, and his watch has certainly been an unforgettable complement to this look.

So if it arouses your curiosity, let’s find out “what watch does Ron Swanson wear?” in this article.

What Watch Does Ron Swanson Wear?

The character was seen to wear many different timepieces throughout the entire show, but there is one excellent watch that stands out above all - a Citizen AV0031-59A Eco-Drive Caliber 2100.

To be more specific, this Citizen EcoDrive is a light-fueled quartz watch.

Nick Offerman portrayed the character Ron Swanson, and it has undoubtedly left an incredible mark in the heart of his audience by his witty leadership and authoritative presence.

The character was based on a real-life government official.

Swanson’s watch was more than just an accessory add-on to his look.

It plays a role in helping him portray his character too.

It was one of the iconic features that built the character.

This ticker was said to represent him and his character most profoundly in the show.

About The Citizen AV0031-59A Eco-Drive Caliber 2100

The Citizen AV0031-59A Eco-Drive Caliber 2100 is a quartz watch that runs on solar power, which means that it will only require 3.5 hours of light, either natural or artificial light, to fuel it with enough power reserve for 240 days.

The Caliber 2100 is an elegant mean bracelet with a silver-tone, black accent dial, and stainless-steel case with non-reflective crystal.

A screwed-back case size of 44mm and 15mm thick.

It does not require a battery since it is powered purely by light.

Fun fact, this model is also considered environmentally friendly as it has helped eliminate up to 10 million batteries in North America alone.

You can see its many functions on the outside, ranging from timekeeping to the beautiful hand-crafted chronographs that work at 1 /5 second Chronos and can go up to 12 hours.

There is also a power reserve indicator at the top of the watch.

It also shows the date and has an alarm function.

Furthermore, Caliber 2100 also has a high water-resistant WR200/20 Bar suitable for swimming, showering, and even snorkeling.

Nowadays, with its many capabilities, this elegant timepiece is priced at $595 on the Citizen webpage, but you can also find it cheaper on Amazon.

Can it last forever?

As mentioned, the Citizen Caliber 2100 harnesses energy from the light source, which is then stored in the lithium-ion cell.

This reserved energy can keep it running for a long-time, even in darkness.

So, theoretically, this watch can last a lifetime with some extra care.

What Are Some Other Watches Nick Offerman Wear?

If you are a big fan of Nick Offerman, you might be interested to know what other watches Nick Offerman also wears in his other movies.

So here we have two choices for you:

U.S. Polo Sport Men’s US9235 with Black Silicone Band

Nick Offerman also plays an interesting father-typical character in We’re the Millers.

In this movie, he is a typical father who is taking his family on a road trip, and just like any of his other roles, he stands out with his witty portrayal of the role.


Nick Offerman was wearing a US Polo 9235 Watch while playing this role.

The model is sporty-like, with a large face and a rubber silicone band.

It, interestingly, also has quartz movement with a case diameter of 45mm with its many functions ranging from timekeeping, alarm, chronograph, and backlight.

It is affordable and can easily be purchased on Amazon.

Franck Muller Conquistador King Chronograph

The last timepiece belonged to Nick Offerman himself personally and was worn by him on Conan.

These Conquistadors can rank up to $7000 to $8000 per piece, which are hard to purchase because people no longer manufacture them nowadays.

However, it has a beautifully unique surface, white dial, and steel bracelet.

How long will a citizen eco drive last without light?

Citizen eco-drive watches will last a while without light and can be easily replenished energy.

If these watches are placed in a place where there is no light, the meter will continue to work from 45 days to 5 years (for watches with energy-saving features).

Most of these models have a 6-month power reserve. (Source)

How much does it cost to service a Citizen eco-drive?

It usually costs at least $60 to service a citizen watch.

It can be as much as $400 depending on the type of citizen watch and what you need fixed.

Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches any good?

Citizen Eco-Drive watches are good. They have a lightweight metal case and band.

They never need batteries because they charge with sunlight.

This watch is water-resistant except for scuba diving, has a scratch-resistant crystal, and an uncluttered face that just has a date window.

How accurate is a Citizen eco-drive watch?

Citizen eco-drive watches are some of the most accurate watches in the world.

They are powered by light and have an annual accuracy of +-1 second.

They are limited editions, with only 500 pieces made each year. (Source)

Are Citizen Eco-Drive watches waterproof?

The watches are designed for everyday use and are resistant to splashes of water.

Watches with upgraded water resistance can be worn when swimming, but should not be used for skin diving. (Source)

Final Words

Every TV show that we love has a particular impact on our lives and our preferences.

“Park and Recreation” is no exception.

A unique character such as Ron Swanson has undoubtedly impressed many viewers and even inspired many with his interesting personality.

The funny thing is that his wristwatch in this show has been the talk of the wristwatch town for quite a long time.

So if his look and his iconic watch inspire you, I hope this article has helped you satisfy your adoration for it.

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