how long do quartz watches last

For a long time, people have been used to mechanical watches.

Later on, quartz was discovered and then used in the watch industry. 

A quartz watch is a long-lasting timepiece that can be purchased from various brands and styles, making it easy to find one that suits your needs and looks great on your wrist.

They are a new step forward in watchmaking and are said to be superior in accuracy and durability. 

So, what is the truth about them?

How long do quartz watches last?

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How Long Do Quartz Watches Last? 

Quartz watches can last from a few years to several decades, depending on the durability of their batteries and quartz movements.

Unlike mechanical watches, which are operated by a complex gear system, these timepieces use batteries.

That is a plus because you do not need to wind it every ten days to maintain time accuracy. 

In addition, in recent years, solar energy is also used to make batteries, which prolongs their battery life and maintains their overall quality.

However, the battery cannot last forever, so replacing it is a must when using a watch. 

Watch's battery replacement time can be several months or several years, depending on the type of battery you are using.

That means the cost incurred for replacing the battery is not cheap, possibly more expensive than a quartz watch.

Overview Of Quartz Watches

Origin and story Quartz Watch Last

The piezoelectric properties of quartz were found by Jacques and Pierre Curio in the 1880s.

They were initially used in laboratories to test the accuracy of time.

Nevertheless, in 1927, Warren Marrison and JW Horton created the first watch at Bell Telephone Laboratories.

After people began to exploit the market with these watch models, many events took place in a row, which was considered a crisis. 

a quartz watch will be much more economical than the mechanical type, so the demand for them is constantly growing.

In contrast, sales to mechanical partners dropped sharply.

Switzerland suffered the most, which had strength in watch production, facing a series of financial crises. 

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How do quartz watches work?

An exciting discovery that led to the birth of these watches far from hundred years was the piezoelectricity of quartz.

Understandably, when a small electrical charge is applied to the quartz, it is compressed or bent. 

That means that quartz can oscillate (around an equilibrium position or repeat a movement back and forth) precisely for a long time.

Unfortunately, that causes traditional watches to face many transformations.

Another plus point of this watch is that it is not affected by temperature since they have outstanding heat recovery ability.

This characteristic proves that it is the best oscillator in the previous systems of watches.

Basically speaking, in order to manufacture and use this watch, the most important thing to achieve is to keep the watch should last work for the longest time.

However, it will stop oscillating at some point, so the battery was born to maintain its life. 

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Why Should I Buy Quartz Watches? (3 Main Reasons) 

Since their appearance, these tickers have been well-loved and collected by not only people around the world but also by watch enthusiasts.

There are three main reasons to explain this phenomenon. 

Ensure absolute accuracy watch

As mentioned above, these watches can ensure the same frequency oscillation, so you do not worry about their accuracy.

Yet, even those who are fans of mechanical timepieces have to admit this.

The price is reasonable 

Since quartz watches are easy to assemble and mass-produced, they cost a lot less than mechanical ones.

However, there are still some expensive ones as they have unique designs by famous brands. 

But with a certain amount of money, you will be surprised at a lot of choices.

Hence if you love these watches, it is not too difficult for you to own a collection and freely change it every day. 

Offer convenience

Regarding convenience, the first plus is that you don't have to worry about their operation.

Unlike mechanical watches, which will stop working if you don't wear them, quartz watches will still work correctly as long as they have batteries.

The second convenience is that they do not require regular maintenance.

Traditional tickers work well with periodic winding, which can degrade the quality of the watch over time.

The battery can be used for a very long time, and you will still have a perfect quartz watch after changing the battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there still a group of people who hate quartz watches?

It is undeniable that these watches are very convenient and meet all the possible requirements (accuracy, beauty, reasonable price, etc.).

However, today there are more ways to tell time than before, so people favor their fashionable style and sophistication. 

In fact, these tickers have a less complicated structure, while the base possesses meticulousness in the operating system.

Therefore, mechanical watches are still considered a masterpiece, and some people always want to own them as valuable objects.

  • Where can I get a quartz watch battery replaced? 

Of course, you would find a watch battery replacement service at any electronic store or center.

Most of the time, they can meet all the proper battery requirements.

Nonetheless, the battery lines may be discontinued after some time because of improvement or no longer suitable. 

Thus, if your ticker has been used for too long, it may not be possible to find a replacement battery.

At this point, you should probably get a new watch.

Wrapping Up 

Quartz watches are a great invention of man, which can last up to several decades.

Not only did it help people determine the exact time, but it also help the watchmaking industry go further.

Hopefully, the above information will help you understand more about them and support your future decision. 

Thanks for reading.

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