do casio watches have serial numbers

The serial number is a one-of-a-kind identification for your watch's category, model year, and manufacturing run number.

Thus, some products, especially from reputable brands, come with a serial number to quickly check the service history and whether or not the item has been reported stolen.

However, the serial number isn’t available for all timepieces.

Therefore, some people who own a Casio or intend to buy one might be asking “Do Casio watches have serial numbers?”.

Don’t worry.

The information you need is all included in this article.

Do Casio Watches Have Serial Numbers?

Generally, the bulk of Casio watches does not have serial numbers.

Usually, only their high-end segment has a serial number, whereas some others contain batch code.

For example, some premium product lines, including G-Shock models, feature a serial number that is 6 characters long on the rear.

The second character can be an O, N, or D, but the remaining are all numbers.

Meanwhile, solar-powered Casio watches include a batch code.

It is 8 characters long and contains both numerals and letters, with the final character always a letter.

However, if you can’t find either serial number or batch code on your Casio, the watch module will work for narrowing down the date of your watch.

In addition, this code is in a box on the case's rear. Thus, for any of these codes, you do not need to open the watch.

What Is The Model Number Of the Casio Watch?

While the serial numbers aren’t usually available, all Casio watches are engraved with the model and module number.

As a result, these codes are essential for buyers to know more about their timepieces to avoid a wrong purchase.

The module number consists of three or four numbers on the back of the watch case.

Besides, the model number is located to the right of the module number.

It is generally composed of three main parts separated by dashes.

However, the model number may only have two parts in some cases.

In this section, we will look through the meaning of 3 primary parts from the left to the right of the model number:

The first part

This prefix code indicates the watch type and series to which it belongs.

  • AW: Analogue Water Resistant
  • BG: Baby-G
  • CA: Calculator Alarm
  • DW: Digital Water Resistant
  • GS or G: G-Shock
  • GW: G-Shock WaveCeptor
  • TS: Temperature Sensor
  • PRG: Protrek Triple Sensor
  • PRW: Protrek Triple Sensor with WaveCeptor
  • WVA: WaveCeptor (European Radio Time Transmitter Reception only)
  • WVQ: WaveCeptor (Worldwide Radio Time Transmission)

The second part

This part does not reveal much about the specs, although it is occasionally followed by one or more letters providing further detail: 

  • D: Stainless Steel Bracelet
  • T: Titanium Bracelet
  • L: Leather Band
  • RB: Red Bull Model
  • WC: World Cup Edition

The third part

This suffix code essentially relates to the color code, order number, and sale region.

Honestly, this part isn’t of greater concern if you want to purchase a Casio watch because the brand now manufactures its products primarily for global distribution.

Color code:

  • 1: Black
  • 2: Blue
  • 3: Green
  • 4: Red
  • 5: Brown
  • 6: Purple
  • 7: White
  • 8: Grey
  • 9: Gold

Order number: A, B, C

Sale region:

  • J / JF: Japan
  • V / VER: Export
  • R / RL / L: Unknown
  • CR: Chinese Export
  • DR: Wide Distribution
  • EC / EF / ER: Europe

Where is the serial number on the Casio watch?

The serial number on a Casio watch is located on the back of the watch. (Source)

The serial number is usually eight digits long.

If your watch has a different number of digits, it may be an older model or a special edition model.

You can use the serial number to register your watch with Casio or to check the warranty status of your watch.

How do I know if my Casio watch is real?

There are a few things you can check to see if your Casio watch is real.

First, check the back of the watch for the serial number.

Second, look for the Casio logo on the dial or face of the watch.

Finally, check the band and buckle for the Casio logo.

If you don't see any of these logos, it's possible that your watch is fake.

Can a Casio watch be tracked?

Yes, most Casio watches can be tracked.

The tracking feature is usually activated by a button on the side of the watch.

When the tracking feature is activated, the watch will emit a signal that can be picked up by a satellite or other tracking device.

This feature is useful if you lose your watch or if it is stolen.

What do the Casio prefix codes mean?

Casio prefix codes are used to identify the model and type of watch.

The first two letters of the prefix code usually identify the series or line of watches.

The last two letters usually identify the specific model.

For example, the prefix code "AB" indicates that the watch is part of the "A" series and is a basic model.

Does G-Shock have serial numbers?

Yes, most G-Shock watches have serial numbers.

The serial number is usually eight digits long and can be found on the back of the watch.

You can use the serial number to register your watch with Casio or to check the warranty status.

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What is a Casio module number?

The module number is a four-digit code that indicates the specific features and functions of a Casio watch.

The module number can be found on the back of the watch or in the instruction manual. (Source)

You can use the module number to look up the specifications of your watch or to find compatible accessories.

How do I read my G-Shock serial number?

The serial number on a G-Shock watch is usually eight digits long.

The first two digits indicate the year the watch was made.

The last six digits indicate the production number.

For example, if the serial number is "20101234," the watch was made in 2010 and is the 12,345th watch produced that year.


In short, Casio hasn't always utilized serial numbers on their watches, except for high-end or limited editions.

However, without the serial number, the model and module number represent the basic information about your Casio watch. 

As a result, this article has given you knowledge about the serial and model number of Casio watches and helped you make the best purchase of your desired timepiece.

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