casio vs citizen

Both of these companies offer a diverse choice of timepieces for a variety of uses.

So, in this Casio vs Citizen comparison, we'll be looking at some distinctions between the watches produced by these two companies.

By understanding the factors that make these two brands famous, we may be able to make the right decision.

Brand History & Reputation

Casio was founded in 1948 by Tadao Kashio as a manufacturer of office supplies and calculators.

During the 1960s calculator war, they transitioned into the watch sector in the 1970s.

The Casiotron, their first product, was born from the company's research into LCI quartz technologies.

From then on, the firm became known for its all-electronic and low-cost timepieces.

Citizen was founded in 1918 as the Shokosha Watch Research Institute.

Citizen has always produced timepieces based on Swiss technology and the concepts of its founders over a hundred years of existence.

Both brands are well-known in the watch industry and have a lot of experience in producing timepieces.

Hence, you can be confident that if you purchase a watch from one of these two brands, you will always receive a high-quality product.

All you have to do is handle different levels of quality and customer service.

Casio watches, on the other hand, are more technologically advanced in general.

Casio's motto is "Creativity and Contribution," reflected in the technology used in its watches.

They manufacture watches that are both fashionable and functional.

Casio timepieces are more than just fashion accessories. Instead, they are ideally suited to our smartphone-dominated environment.

Citizen watches are well-known for their pleasant aesthetic and their exceptional quality.

Celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson have been spotted advertising the brand's superiority.

However, one of the most remarkable innovations comes from the company's Eco-Drive lineup. "A watch that never needs a battery."

Style & Design

Among other brands of timepieces, what makes Citizen watches genuinely stand out is how stylish a Citizen timepiece will look on your wrist.

Unlike other bulky watches, the design of Citizen models is quite simple and elegant.

Therefore, it goes best with people whose occupations are related to business or people who generally work in the office.

On the other hand, Casio has more diverse choices with different looks for multiple purposes.

G-Shock timepieces are ideal if you are people who enjoy outdoor activities.

For office workers, a Casio MTP timepiece will be the perfect match for formal outfits.

However, the more functions a Casio item has, the dial will look bigger and somehow not convenient for wearers.


Casio watches are popular with militaries and law enforcement, ranging from basic chronographs to complex smartwatches with solar batteries and self-adjusting mechanisms.

While not as strong as titanium timepieces, stainless-steel cases with resin coatings make for highly durable timepieces that can take a beating and keep running.

Therefore, these products are a great choice for NASA astronauts in space.

To save battery life, turn off the always-on display.

A Casio timepiece will last two days in this mode without a recharge.

You can, however, select a hybrid setting in which the item will display certain notifications in the background.

In this mode, prioritizing data above battery results in a 9-hour performance and a 25-hour performance the other way around.

Since its inception, Citizen has been consistently upgrading and expanding its product lines, including thinner LCDs and diving watches with electronic depth sensors.

Citizen was able to rise to the top and lead the industry thanks to these amazing features.

Citizen timepieces even include a bezel that may be used to calculate speed, time, and distance.

Their technology is so cutting-edge that they were chosen as the official timekeeper for the US Open, in addition to other sports competition sponsorships like the World Figure Skating Championship.

Construction & Durability

Casio watches are available in various styles.

Many of them are made of resin, while others are made of stainless steel, and others are made of plastic.

Many of them also have plastic bands, while there are some with stainless steel or rubber bands.

The dial panes are mainly composed of natural crystals, while some are made of plastic.

Many Casio product lines, such as the G-Shock, are inexpensive yet built to be highly durable and long-lasting. 

Citizen watches, with their titanium cases, are among the most robust timepieces on the market.

In addition, they are notably more durable than stainless steel timepieces.

While titanium is not used in all Citizen products, it is a crucial characteristic in many of them.

Citizen models are available with anti-reflective sapphire crystal coatings.

For most people, this is equivalent to a hard resin in terms of scratch resistance.

So, unless you live outdoors, the added protection provided by sapphire crystal should suffice.

Price Range

When it comes to affordability, Casio outperforms Citizen.

Both are low-cost watch brands. However, we believe that Casio still beats Citizen for price.

As a whole, several of the Casio timepieces on offer are astonishingly low-cost.

The Casio F91W-1 digital watch is exceptionally cheap.

This small timepiece is so well-known that it has its own Wikipedia page.

Casio also has a low-cost dive watch series called the Duro.

So, in terms of pricing, Casio is quite difficult to surpass.

Generally, Citizen timepieces are often sold from a low to middle budget.

The truth is that there aren't many items that cost more than $1000.

At the same time, the "under $300" category might be deceptive, as some models are available for much less.

So the price range can be divided into three categories:

  1. Under $200
  2. Between $200 and $500
  3. More than $500

Notable Technology

All Casio watches provide some smartwatch characteristics and have done so since the 1980s.

Bluetooth connectivity, simple notifications, and a built-in audio player are also available in the G-Shock, Edifice, and ProTrek models.

Additionally, many Casio models include GPS signal controls for updating the date and time.

The majority of Casio models are solar-powered.

This implies that you may charge these watches with any light source without having to replace the batteries.

Hence, with Casio products, you never have to wonder if your watch has enough power reserve. (Source)

Casio models all have backlit displays.

This backlight is often made of LEDs.

In either event, this technology allows you to read the time at night and in low-light places.

On top of that, Casio's Illuminator technology is superior to Citizen's lighting schemes since it illuminates the whole screen face.

Citizen timepieces are synced to local mobile network time towers.

This innovation offers their clocks ultra-precision and time accuracy.

Citizen watches, in conjunction with atomic timekeeping, offer accurate time information for several time zones.

Some versions even support numerous time zones, which is ideal for frequent travelers.

Citizen's Eco-Drive recharges your device using either natural or artificial light, making it highly eco-friendly.

The energy is then stored in a lithium-ion rechargeable cell.

This eliminates the need for battery replacement.

Furthermore, Citizen watches may operate for months on a single charge.

Therefore, even in the darkest conditions, you will always have a working watch. (Source)

Notable Watch Collections

As for Casio, G-Shock is one of the most famous lines of the company.

G-Shock is one of the most durable timepieces ever created.

Because of its shockproof structure, your G-Shock will work in any condition, even the most basic models.

It's a strict, dependable item that constantly performs well and has a superb reputation for quality. 

G-Shock watches are popular among soldiers, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts for the very same reason.

Citizen's Eco-Drive watch movement is powered by solar energy.

Photovoltaic cells hidden under the dials of these watches are responsible for capturing light energy (the best source is the sun) and converting it into usable power.

Eco-Drive then uses the power from the cell to charge a battery.

Thanks to this technology, most Eco-Drive watches can function for several months in utter darkness on a single charge.

Customer Services

When purchasing any product, including watches, customer service is a critical factor.

Your watchmaker should instantly respond to any questions or issues you have, including refunds, exchanges, or warranties.

Unfortunately, customer service might have gone through a few changes in recent decades.

Watchmakers are no different.

In fact, customers have complained that Casio and Citizen's after-sales service does not come with a fulfilled experience.

Some buyers even express dissatisfaction with the inability to locate older watch models.

However, despite the industry's current situation, Citizen has consistently improved its speed and repair quality.

Casio, on the other hand, is not far behind in this competition.


These are our final words on the Casio vs Citizen review.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced dress watch for a casual or formal occasion, you might want to go for Citizen.

However, if you want a watch that can withstand a lot of wear and tear at a low price, Casio will be your utmost choice.

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